At Robin Hall Opticians, we welcome you, whether it is for a routine eye examination or specialist advice. As well as spectacles, we also supply specialist magnifiers and contact lenses. Rachel is happy to see small children. She is also experienced in conducting examinations for people who may have communication or other difficulties.

Eye Examinations

We allow about 40 minutes for each eye examination. This lets you have a thorough but relaxed examination and gives you a chance to ask all those questions you may have.

We have up to date equipment to help us diagnose any problems you may have with your eyes, such as glaucoma or diabetes. We are able to refer you directly to the most appropriate specialist; this may be the hospital  or to your doctor.

Having an eye examination at Robin Hall Opticians
Children are welcome at Robin Hall Opticians

Children Welcome

We are more than happy to test and treat children in our practice. There is no lower age limit for an eye examination, as there is no lower age limit for an eye problem to occur. Ideally your child should be examined every two years, or more frequently if there is a need. We enjoy the change of view as they grow and keep on coming!


Pictures of the back of your eye tell us a lot more about your eyes and health than just looking can. Diabetic screening is provided through the NHS, but you do not have be diabetic to have images of your eyes taken. We have a Maestro which is an OCT and camera designed to take 3 dimensional images of the back of your eye.  There is an extra charge for this service, should you wish to take advantage of it.

By having images taken at each eye examination, changes indicating conditions such as glaucoma may be identified. This  allows diagnosis and therefore treatment to be started at a much earlier stage and reduces the chances of severe sight loss.

OCT Scans: retinal cross-section, corneal scan and retinal image taken at Robin Hall Opticians

OCT Scans:

Left top: Retinal cross-section, Left bottom: corneal scan, Right: Retinal image

If your vision needs improving

Whether you need spectacles or contact lenses, Robin Hall Opticians can provide you with a full range of these and other aids. Find out more about what we can do for you.

Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment or find out more, please contact us.